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Self Published Book I Travel Sketches And Thoughts

Illustrations, Bilingual Text, and Editorial Design

Title: "Two forward, one back. Life is a dance!"

This is a book with magical illustrations and inspiring stories (written in both Bulgarian and German language) from a month-long trip by camper back to my Bulgarian roots.

• A journey away from the fast hectic modern everyday life

• A journey of mindfulness towards myself, my surroundings and my origins.

• A journey through the eyes of an artist who has put all his impressions on paper with words and drawings.

About the book

✓  62 plain air drawings with stories:
➙ 46 architecture and landscape paintings
➙ 16 portraits 

✓  20 chapters with thoughts, impressions, and facts

✓  Mixed media drawing technique:
➙ collage from a different kind of colored paper
➙ watercolors
➙ ink and graphite

The faster the years went by in a foreign country, the faster the steps went forward in my emotional and professional life, the more I felt the need to pause for a moment, to think and even take a step back. Back to my memories, to my Bulgarian roots, back home.

There I looked for a new gateway to myself to find out where to take the next steps.

Equipped with colored paper, pencils, and watercolors, I intensively researched my impressions of encountering the reality of my roots by drawing outdoors. I portrayed many locals who showed me another, very inspiring side of everyday life. I also recorded scenes from nature and the city on paper. I put all of these works, drawn on collages of different types of colored paper, into a book and supplemented the pictures with thoughts, impressions, and facts.

Only later, after the end of the trip, I realized that this step back was actually a big leap forward - both emotionally and professionally. Life is really an exciting dance between the known, the unknown, the forgotten and the preserved. Each one of them enriches me, turns my weaknesses into strengths and gives me courage and self-confidence.

Why did I start this journey?

The map of the journey


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