Lilyana Binsack



Meet the Designer

Lilyana Binsack

"I love to explore my surroundings through drawings and photography.


It is always very exciting for me to break the 3-dimensional world into pieces and to put them back together on a 2-dimensional surface like paper or computer monitor." 


What I can do for you?

Environmental Design

  • Design ideas and concepts

  • Technical drawings

  • Illustrations

  • Model making 

Corporate Design

  • Logo

          fonts, colors, illustration

  • Business card

  • Icons

  • Illustrations

  • Packaging design

  • Infographics

  • Webdesign


  • Analog / traditional

  • Digital

Editorial Design

  • Layout

  • Illustrations

  • Typography

Competence Areas

" Having a background in the architectural field is an important part of my career as a designer.


It gives me knowledge and experience not only to shape 2-dimensional forms but also to construct them in the 3-dimensional environment design."

Are you ready?

I will be happy to go through this exciting journey with you.