Self Published Book I Travel Sketches And Thoughts

Title: "Two forward, one back. Life is a dance!"

This is a book with magical illustrations and inspiring stories (written in both Bulgarian and German language) from a month-long trip by camper back to my Bulgarian roots.

• A journey away from the fast hectic modern everyday life

• A journey of mindfulness towards myself, my surroundings and my origins.

• A journey through the eyes of an artist who has put all his impressions on paper with words and drawings.

About the book

✓ 62 plain air drawings with stories:

• 46 architecture and landscape paintings

 • 16 portraits 

✓ 20 chapters with thoughts, impressions, and facts

1 mixed media drawing technique:

• collage from a different kind of colored paper,

• watercolors,

• ink and graphite

Why did I start this journey?

The map of the journey