Corporate Design I Green Coffee

Corporate Design for a start-up Caventura that sells online green coffee beans for home roasting

Caventura offers a range of Specialty Single Origin coffees from the world’s best-growing regions. The green coffee beans come directly from the local families - this creates complete transparency. Each bean is sourced at fair prices and comes from farmers who meet sustainable environmental standards. Caventura reinvests 10% of their profit in regenerative agriculture at the place of origin.
The start-up offers also roasting machines so that the customers can roast their own coffee any way they like it. More at

• Logo (Illustration + Slogan)

• Packaging Design

• Business cards
• Hand-drawn portraits

• Video slides for commercial videos
• Product Photos retouching


Painted Portrait I Jaime García is a producer of green coffee beans in Finca Diamante in Columbia.  His personal presence is very important for this brand. That’s why his portrait is drawn by hand with watercolors and put in the center of the backside.  

your handmade 
aroma experience 

directly from Jaime’s Family 

green coffee beans


of the brand

 fair specialty coffee possible to obtain at attractive prices

every bean has been produced by Jaime who fulfills sustainable environmental standards

produce your own coffee that suits your taste

growing height

every been has been procured at fair prices 

sweet honey note, fruit and citrus aroma

hand picked

hand packaged

Icons I 14 different icons that represent the main ideas of the brand. They are used for the packaging design and for the website. More at

Business Card I Simple but elegant 

Infographic I Represents the transparent business model that this brand follows.    

Commercial Videos I Series of slides with hand-drawn portraits and the typical features of the brand: colors, typography, layout, and portraits:

Commercial Videos I Series of photos with different coffee roast levels:

Cinnamon Roast